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    May 1, 2015

    Some Easy Ways for ANYONE to Fight Human Trafficking: The Underground Thrift Store, Upstairs at Plymouth Church

    by Caroline Aiken Koster

    There are 18 steps up to the oddly-named Underground Thrift Store from the gymnasium entrance to Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims at 65 Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights. Walking up the stairs on Sunday afternoons to the loft space above the historic gym, visitors climb past the shrieks of preschoolers on scooters and the thud of preteens shooting baskets. These hearty shoppers emerge into a charming red-hued aerie with wrought iron fixtures, schoolhouse lighting and a lush wooden armoire. The racks are stocked with a curated collection of gently used upscale and designer clothing and accessories for women, men and children and some books and housewares. The staff, all volunteers, is often chatty and silly and friendly and, if you’re lucky, modeling the merchandise. The charity shop is small, but the inventory is edited and curated each week from donations from Plymouth Church members and neighbors. All of this shopping is for a cause, since the Underground Thrift donates 25% of its net profits to organizations fighting modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Shopping, donating clothing or working at the Underground Thrift are easy ways for anyone to volunteer to join the fight right now.

    March 23, 2015

    NYSBA Live & Webcast Event: Human Trafficking in New York State

    by Athena Eastwood

    Human trafficking involves a variety of forms – forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation name only two of the facets in which a client may have been a trafficking victim. In this live & webcast program from the New York State Bar Association, faculty will provide an overview of New York State’s Human Trafficking laws, using case examples to illustrate a range of situations that attorneys may come across with their clients. Panelists will discuss in detail the skills needed to both recognize your client as a victim and represent them competently.

    March 20, 2015

    A VS. Event: What Lawyers Can Do to Fight Human Trafficking

    by Athena Eastwood

    On Wednesday, March 18, The Cadwalader Center for Community Service and Women’s Leadership Initiative hosted a VS. event, “What Lawyers Can Do to Fight Human Trafficking.” The panel discussion addressed key legal challenges in the fight against human trafficking and what lawyers can do to address these challenges from law enforcement, judicial, legislative, and service provider perspectives.

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