September 17, 2014

District of Columbia Resource Guide: The Sex Trafficking of Minors Prevention Amendment Act of 2014 (B20-0714)

by Athena Eastwood & Michael Selig

B20-0714 is currently being considered by the District of Columbia Council.  The text of the bill can be found here.  The bill seeks to reform D.C. sex trafficking law by, among other things, affording minors greater protection as victims and modifying law enforcement procedures.  Regular updates on the bill’s status can be found here.

Please see VS’s previous blog posts discussing the bill and its victim assistance provision for more information.

A comparison of the D.C. legislation with the Uniform Act and federal legislation can be found here.

Section 18A of the D.C. Code, which contains the current D.C. human trafficking laws, can be found here.  

Relevant Federal Legislation

There are two relevant federal bills that, if passed in the Senate, will tie state and D.C. funding to certain anti-trafficking measures including safe harbors for minors.  Please see VS’s previous blog post discussing the bills for more information.

Additional information on the bills can also be found below:

H.R. 3530

H.R. 3610

Non-Profits in the Trafficking Space

A number of non-profit organizations assist victims of human trafficking and support legal reform in the D.C. area. A non-comprehensive list can be found below:

Courtney’s House

24 Hr. Hotline: 1-888-261-3665


D.C. Stop Modern Slavery

Fair Girls

Phone: 202-265-1501


Restoration Ministries

Phone: 202-544-1731



Phone: 202-745-1001

Recent News on the D.C. Legislation

Though the proposed bill has not captured significant local media attention, three recent articles include:

The Criminalization Of Children Forced Into, August 27, 2014

Child Victims Of Sex Trafficking Need Services — Not Arrest — Advocates To Tell Council,, July 10, 2014

Advocates Draft Bill To Protect Child Victims Of Sex Trafficking,, April 10, 2014

Updated News (as of December 8)

Council Approves Bill Offering Safe Harbor To Child Victims Of Sex Trafficking, December 2, 2014