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Harvard Law Review

Note: Counteracting the Bias: The Department of Labor’s Unique Opportunity to Combat Human Trafficking

None Identified — February 2013

The Article: “[1] describes the scope and consequences of labor trafficking in the United States[;] [2] explains how anti-prostitution and immigration concerns have contributed to the shortcomings of anti-trafficking efforts in the United States[;] [3] explores how DOL, without the distractions of fighting prostitution and enforcing borders, has begun to take a stronger role in combating labor trafficking through its enforcement of employment laws, its certification of victims’ eligibility for U visas, and its regulation of nonimmigrant visa programs.”

released by The White House, Office of the Press Secretary

Fact Sheet: Obama Administration Announces Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad

Discusses: (1) Executive Order Strengthening Protections in Federal Contracts; (2) Tools and Training to Identify and Assist Trafficking Victims; (3) Increased Resources for Victims; (4) Federal Strategic Action Plan (Global Business Coalition Against Trafficking, U.S. Travel Association’s Anti-Trafficking Tool Kit, Counter-Trafficking in Persons Campus Challenge, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Research Partnership with Goldman Sachs Foundation and Advisory Council on Child Trafficking, Made in the Free World Initiative, etc.).