Library for Judiciary

Laws of Louisiana

Louisiana SB88 - Sex Offenses: Provides Relative to Victims of Human Trafficking

Enacted, Effective Date: June 24, 2013

(1) Sale proceeds of forfeited property applied to victim restitution; (2) Victims under age 18 potentially eligible for TVPA certification or government benefits/services must be referred to services; (3) Trafficking victims have a civil cause of action for injunctive relief, actual damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees; (4) Where it is the child’s first prostitution-related offense and the child expresses a willingness to cooperate/receive specialized services, then district attorney may effect an informal adjustment agreement that includes specialized services; (5) Makes conviction vacatur/records expungement available to trafficking victims.

Laws of Maine

Maine LD 1159: An Act to Address Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

Enacted July 8, 2013

(1) Broadens definition of “human trafficking offense” to include offenses accompanied by withholding of government-issued immigration or identification documents or committed as part of a scheme to compel participation in prostitution or labor using specific types of threats; (2) Adds provision to crime of aggravated sex trafficking to include a victim who suffers from a mental disability; (3) Enhances penalties for sex trafficking and prostitution related crimes.

Vera Institute of Justice

Measuring Human Trafficking: Lessons from New York City, Vera Institute of Justice

N. Weiner, N. Hala — October 2008

Design of a standardized trafficking victim identification screening tool and supporting toolkit for its administration to improve victim identification and data collection on human trafficking and recommending validation of a standardized trafficking victim screening tool and distribution to services providers nationwide. Discusses: (1) Reporting and underreporting; (2) Prior data collection projects; (3) The “Woozle Effect” in human trafficking research; (4) Counting hard-to-reach populations; (5) Types of victims; recommendations.

American Bar Association

Meeting the Legal Needs of Child Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Children’s Attorneys and Advocates

E. Klain, A. Kloer, et al. — 2009

Resources for lawyers representing child trafficking victims, including:

  1. Identifying and screening for child trafficking victims
  2. Legal remedies for child trafficking victims (TVPA, RICO, Civil/Criminal Forfeiture, Restitution as Part of Sentencing, Victim Assistance Services, Employment Law/Labor Claims, Intentional Torts: Assault & Battery, Civil Protection Orders, Immigration Remedies)
  3. Community-Based Responses to Child Trafficking (Working with: Parallel Criminal Prosecutions, Child Protective Services, Services Providers, NGOs)
  4. Resources for Attorneys and Advocates

American Bar Association

Meeting the Legal Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: An Introduction for Domestic Violence Attorneys and Advocates

J. Bruggeman, E. Keyes, et al. — 2009

Resources for lawyers representing victims of human trafficking, including:

  1. Overlap of domestic violence and human trafficking
  2. Identifying potential human trafficking cases
  3. The special complexities of intersection cases
  4. Civil legal remedies for trafficking victims (TVPA, Employment, Intentional Torts: Assault & Battery, Civil Protection Orders, Immigration Remedies, Companion Criminal Remedies)
  5. Practice Pointers for effective representation.

Laws of Mississippi

Mississippi House Bill No. 673: Mississippi Human Trafficking Act of 2013

Enacted April 25, 2013; Effective Date: July 1, 2013

(1) Revises elements and penalties for crimes of prostitution and human trafficking; (2) Authorizes use of undercover operatives to investigate suspected human trafficking; (3) Provides for injunctive and other relief for victims and requires confidentiality; (4) Provides for asset forfeiture and dispositions; (5) Creates “Relief For Victims Of Human Trafficking Fund”; (6) Revises Racketeering Act definitions; (7) Revises Statute Of Limitations for human trafficking cases.