Library for Victims / Survivors

Laws of Wyoming

Wyoming House Bill No. HB0133

Enacted February 27, 2013; Effective Date July 1, 2013

(1) Defines criminal offenses related to human trafficking; (2) Provides penalties; (3) Provides for restitution; (4) Trafficking victims are not criminally liable for criminal acts committed as a direct result of, or incident to, being a trafficking victim; (5) If such victim is a minor, defined as a person under age 18, the victim is deemed a “child in need of protection;” (6) Provides affirmative defense to prosecution of human trafficking victims; (7) After the entry of a conviction, the court in which it was entered may vacate the conviction if defendant’s participation in the offense is found to have been the result of having been a victim; (8) Provides for services to trafficking victims; (9) Provides for forfeiture of property.