Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA)

Description of Services

Operates The Gateways Program, an intensive, specialized residential program for minor girls who have been victims of commercial sex exploitation and domestic trafficking. Gateways offers: (1) Comprehensive assessment and treatment services addressing all medical, mental health, and educational needs; (2) Individual, family, and group counseling; (3) Onsite substance abuse treatment; (4) Trauma treatment; (5) Onsite individually tailored home instruction; (5) Recreational therapy; (6) Linkage to community-based providers and therapeutic foster boarding homes.


Minor girls who are victims of commercial sex exploitation and domestic trafficking

Geographic Area Served

New York

Location notes: Manhattan, Westchester County, Long Island

Contact Information


Telephone: 212-425-3333

Fax: 212-425-9397

Address: 120 Wall Street, 12th Floor New York NY 10005

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January 24th, 2013