Marcus Hummon

Rosanna's Song

Produced by Konstantinos Kambouroglou

Grammy Award-winning songwriter and critically acclaimed recording artist Marcus Hummon believes music creates inspiration for change. His song “Rosanna” is a stirring anthem against human trafficking and for the compassion its victims deserve from our justice system. “Rosanna” tells the true story of a child from Honduras “smuggled into the land of the free/ With a gag on her mouth, roped hands and feet,” whose pleas for mercy go unheard: “’Please don’t hurt me,” she said to the strange man/ ‘I’m 14 years old,’ she said, trying to stand.”

Rosanna’s song is personal for Marcus. He met Rosanna when, after suffering years of abuse, she came to live at Magdalene, a model residential community for trafficking survivors founded by Marcus’ wife, Becca Stevens, in Nashville, Tennessee. Marcus contributes his talent and energy to the women of Magdalene through live performances at Thistle Stop Café, which is a social enterprise run by and for Magdalene graduates, and in concerts with other artists from Nashville’s famed music community. “I’ve been able to be a part of the journey,” Marcus says, “and to use music and to just be a part of the lives of some of these amazing women. It’s affected me. You can’t help but to be affected.”