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Live storage in India’s reservoirs at 28% of total capacity

Live storage 87% of storage of corresponding period in 2020

X-Press Pearl disaster: Colombo’s coral reefs, marine wildlife in danger

The X-press Pearl disaster has already caused damage to Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches …

Groundwater quality deteriorating in Tamil Nadu’s industrial areas: CSE

The most serious pollution threat to groundwater was from calcium, chloride and iron, …


Rooftop rainwater harvesting: A tool for refashioning India’s water management praxis

Discipline of water management is now situated at the precipice of change; it has opened …

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License to pollute : Inefficient Kota thermal power station allowed to function by Rajasthan

Earlier, the government was planning to retire two units of the plant June 30. However,…

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Lessons from Tauktae: Can extreme weather help with rainwater harvesting?

Cyclone Tauktae that crossed Gujarat as an ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’…

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'Change perception about wastewater'

Blanca Jimnez-Cisneros,Director, Division of Water Sciences, and Secretary of International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO

"Cape Town's consciousness about water consumption has helped reduce demand"

Xanthea Limberg,She is mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services, and energy